Kathryn Stoddard

Jr. Web Developer

Let's Build Something Together


Code is where the magic happens. It is what translates beautiful designs into fully functional and delightful websites.

UX Design

Whether mocking up a project in Photoshop or my favorite text-editor, the user is always in mind. Usability isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Web Applications

Single page web applications come to life using Backbone.js and Node.js. JavaScript isn’t only for the front-end.

Workflow & Process

Workflow is an important process to every developer. Mine starts with understanding the purpose of a website or a web application. With the multitude of tools available to developers these days, understanding the requirements of a project helps to determine the best tools for each unique project.

Once the scope of a project is determined, I develop user stories and sketch designs to create a strong foundation for mockups and prototypes using Photoshop or my favorite text editor.

After that, your application or website begins to come alive as I develop it using the most current web technologies available today.